How to Benefit the Most from Online Learning

The opportunities and benefits provided through online learning are vast and apply to a great number of people. No matter your age, subject or the type of qualification for which you are studying you can take advantage of what online courses have to offer from smaller fees to the convenience of working from home. There are many additional ones as well as these, but in order to really make the most and gain from everything they have to offer, there are some useful tips that everyone should try to follow.

Dedication, Motivation and Self-discipline

These are qualities that any individual considering studying via online learning must have in abundance. Unlike campus based studying in Australia, there are no tutors or lecturers who will be breathing down your neck and ensuring that you are working on track to have an assignment finished by the deadline. It will be your own responsibility to find the time and motivation to sit down and get on with some coursework. This can be harder than it sounds because when you don’t absolutely have to be doing something at a particular time, such as be attending and working in a classroom it’s very easy for distractions and better alternatives to arise. Only those who are serious and are going to be dedicated to completing the course to the best of their ability will be taking full advantage and gaining from the benefits that are offered.


As with any form of study or revision in Australia, in order to work well in a stress free environment you need to be organized at all times. This means staying on top of your workload and submitting assignments and coursework on time. Watch lectures or read through materials and other resources as soon as you get them through rather than letting it all build up and become too much. Organize all of your online learning materials and files whether they are hard copies that you have printed off or pages saved to your computer. Remember to regularly back-up important files and folders to limit the chance of losing any work.


Drawing up your own timetable with allocated study times is a great tip and can be a powerful tool to help you stay on top of your workload. This applies in particular to those with a lot of other things going in their life as well as studying such as a job or parental responsibilities. Try as much as possible to stick to the timetable you have created for yourself, which will involve you utilizing those personal qualities that we discussed previously including dedication and self-discipline.


Missing deadlines is the first step to becoming overwhelmed by an increasing workload. Furthermore you are in danger of your tutor or lecturer losing faith in you and starting to think you are not taking the online learning course seriously. Don’t make people come looking for the work, even if it is via email rather than in person because it only makes you look bad.